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  1. I don’t know you…

    But like most people I encounter, you have aspirations. Those aspirations may be anything from making rent, to owning a Ferrari for every day of the week. The specifics of your aspirations are irrelevant, actually your entire dream is pointless if you don’t plan on pulling that trigger & making it happen.

    We can do an awesome job sabotaging ourselves with excuses & reasons not to make things happen. Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking we’re going to make it happen “soon”. Soon being “starting tomorrow, next week, next month, as soon as I have time, as soon as I have enough money, once my kids are grown”. These abstract moments never arrive, but we feel like they will.

    In my experience, you just need to shut the f*ck up & START. No proclamations, no “as soon as..”, no delays.. Just get started. Whatever you’re afraid of, is dramatically worse in your mind, & that doesn’t hold any weight in reality.

    Whatever great ideas you have are worthless, and pointless until they marry an execution (even in business, you can’t copyright an idea, just the method of it’s execution). The secret to success is not having a magical idea, but realizing that you are the key executioner that can’t be copied if anyone tried. There is no one like you on this rock, there never was, and after you’re gone, there won’t be anyone like you again; that makes you 1 in 100 billion. As that unique being, what can you accomplish & contribute during your limited moments on Earth?

    There are people accomplishing amazing things every day… Very little of it is luck. Most of it comes from a unfathomable amount of work that you rarely hear about. When we witness these accomplishments, we have a couple choices. We can drown in envy, & console ourselves with excuses as to why that can’t be us (or even worse, why it shouldn’t even be them). Or we can see their accomplishments as evidence that things beyond the norm are completely within your reach. You’ll notice the pattern that most change comes from a change in your mind, before anything else in the outside world.

    I released my first tape March 2009.. so Humble P turns 4 in a few months… every track, rhyme, performance, post, mistake, and release is a baby step towards my aspirations. It all starts with a single step. You don’t need to know every step in your dreams, you just need to START. In 90 years you’ll be dead anyways, what do you really have to lose?

    Once you start moving.. all those limitations & ideas of impossible fade. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth accomplishing ever is.

    Most of my progress began the moment I began believing in myself more anyone else. I have a feeling it’ll be the same for you…No more excuses.

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    Props to Jeremy Clay for sharing his inspiring journey of making his physical fitness a priority.


    Humble The Poet
    Founder: Brwnppl

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