1. Let’s not lose ourselves, just to keep others around. 

    Our fears of lose can motivate us to make some decisions that may not be in our best interest. I’m not here to judge, I’m only here to remind you of the costs associated with trying to impress others. 

    The social animals we are dictate that we look to each other to help figure out own place in the world. Many of the things we want in life simply come from what we observe others have. What’s more important than focusing on what others have, is figuring who who we are, and what our unique needs may be. Impressing others will never make us fulfilled; it may just make us lonely in a crowded room. 

    Different people have different definitions for self-respect, and that’s ok. Some people enjoy showing a little extra skin, or dressing louder, or being a social butterfly, while others don’t. It’s not my place to tell people how to live, I just want to encourage folks to make decisions that best agree with themselves. 

    Do things that make you happy and not just for the approval of other. If we’re only doing things to gain the attention and acceptance of others, we may lose ourselves n the process. 

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  2. I highly recommend having a heartbreak on your bucket list. 

    It doesn’t have to be at the hands of a romantic partner. It can be from any type of relationship you currently value in your life. The quicker the bubbles we live in burst, the better equipped we will be for new challenges that come ahead. 

    A broken heart is quite an experience; it’s as if you’ve lost your breath, and you have no idea how to gain it back. A reality we held no longer exists, and we have no idea how to deal with the new world we’ve been thrusted in. This new world can scary, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable. 

    That’s normal, and it’s an experience almost all of us will have in our life time. 

    Only in the fairy tales, and movies do things tend to work out just the way we hoped it would. The real world is much different, much more complex, and much less interested in conforming to make you happy. 

    Yes, the universe does not revolve around us, and has very little interest in whether it’s happenings harm or help us. 

    A broken heart is one of those happenings. It’s more common than we want to believe, because no one want to believe that people may change the way they feel about us; the juicy pockets of divorce lawyers begs to differ. 

    Heartbreaks are important because they remind us that we need to actively have a healthy relationship with a reality that won’t always give us what we want, and at any moment, it can easily take away the things we already have. 

    This isn’t depressing, but rather the opposite. It reminds us to appreciate what we have, while we have it. 

    There’s a magic pill for heartbreak, it’s called time. Healing takes time, and not on your schedule. Don’t try to rush the healing, that may only slow the progress, and make things worse than before. 

    We can learn from these struggles if we chose to. I hope you decide to make that choice. 

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  4. Me: “Are we smiling?”
    Waris: “No, but I’m doing this…” (He holds up the book I just gifted him)

    I want to apologize to the fans that wanted pictures with me at the shoot.. When I saw Mr. Ahluwalia, I became a fan myself and ran in his direction, leaving many of you behind :(

    I’m sorry.

    I wasn’t being too cool, it was quite the opposite. Waris is someone who has been a great source of inspiration to me and my journey, and the first time we met a few days ago, I couldn’t even pull a proper sentence out of my mouth. This was my opportunity to redeem that. I gifted him a copy of #UnLearn and wrote him a note on the inside cover. He smiled, and gave me a hug.

    Its hard to remain a fan in this world. Most of the people we grew up idolizing turn out to be flawed human beings, just like the rest of us (spoiler alert).

    For that reason, I find myself admiring people from afar, and trying my best to learn from them without actually trying to get into their personal world. Most of my mentors are people I haven’t met. Mr. Ahluwalia is one of those people.

    For me, its more important to be a fan, than have fans of my own.. Its much more fun and exciting on this end :)



  5. Everyone has their own truth. 

    That’s enough to make this one of my less popular posts, but that’s OK. We’re naturally inclined to want to hear what we already believe, and anything on the contrary just sounds and feels uncomfortable. 

    We also can find ourselves feeling like we are a part of our truths. This is common with people, who have strong beliefs, and take offence if those beliefs are criticized or challenged. This is where the danger lies. When there’s an absence of information, beliefs kick in, and that’s where there is a blurry between knowledge & beliefs. 

    Strong beliefs are not facts, they’re still beliefs. 

    This is for all of us to recognize, so we’re able to divorce beliefs that may turn stale or irrelevant as we evolve as people.

    I’m not here to take shots at anyone beliefs, what people hold dear is none of my business or concern, but understanding people in general and their relationships with their beliefs is beneficial for our personal growth.

    It’s also beneficial to understand because it allows us to understand how people can be manipulated and sold ideas that the rest of us may not connect with. That can come from media, community leaders, or anyone else with an agenda. 

    Awareness of self, and the happenings around us, is one of the best gifts we can continue giving ourselves in life. 

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  8. The past can be our best friend or our greatest enemy. 

    I was binge watching one of my favourite TV shows the other night, and one of the episodes, there was a character that reminded me of someone who had hurt me in the past. That triggered a rabbit hole of thoughts, and I began to feel haunted by my past once again. I had to actively tell myself “yo, change the channel, dwelling on this is a waste of time”

    Changing the channel was literal to the television as much as it was to my mind. We decide what we focus on, and even if we get side tracked, we can put in the effort to get back on course. 

    The past is gone, and revisiting it only has value if we’re extracting lessons & wisdom from it. Often we revisit it just to beat ourselves up, nothing much comes from that. 

    If we learn from our past, we can understand it’s value. Failures turn into lessons, and those lessons help up evolve into better people. This allows us to not only value our pasts, but also value the pasts of others around us; that’s more useful than holding someone past against them. 

    Moving is essential to life, and that includes moving on. Let’s not over analyze our past, that energy can be better spent enjoying our future. 

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  10. Yes I smile sometimes, especially around the perdy gurls

    W/ Lillycorn aka @iisuperwomanii at my birthday celebration last month :)


  11. "It’s not a 24-hour news cycle, it’s a 60-second news cycle now, it’s instantaneous. It has never been easier to get away with telling lies. It has never been easier to get away with the glib one liner."

    - Malcom Turnbull 

    It’s easy to label & judge things we don’t understand, thinking requires energy, and the busier we get, the more acceptable it becomes for others to do it for us. 

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  13. We have to take responsibility for the people we allow into our lives. 

    This, like everything else in life, is easier said than done. Some of the people in our lives that cause us unwanted grief may be in the bedroom next door, and it may feel unavoidable. 

    The key word is feel. 

    We will be better off when we love ourselves enough to stand up for ourselves as well, and that may require us to get uncomfortable. 

    The only question that matters then becomes: is it worth it?

    I can’t answer that question for anyone else but myself. Lauryn Hill taught me years ago “If everything must go, then go, that’s how I choose to live”. We won’t get the life we wish for, we can only get the life we work for. Sometimes that life isn’t about gaining things, it’s about letting things (and people go). 

    Letting go doesn’t mean we have to run away from home, it means we have to actively no longer allow people who do not deserve space in our hearts, to have the ability to affect us. That’s a slow process, but we have to start somewhere. 

    Not everyone can be avoided, but we can limit the calories we throw their way. Respect the limited amount of energy you have, and only spend it on those you feel deserve it. 

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  14. Worry about how it feels, not how it looks. 

    We can get easily get caught up in appearances by worrying about how we’re seen by others. This can result in a lot of superficial empty gestures in our lives, simply because it’s what we think other people want to see. 

    We can’t live for other people though, and as counter-intuitive as that may sound (being the social monkeys that we are), a lot of the ‘traditional’ paths set out, were not paved to make our lives better, but rather to make them easier. 

    Easy is not better, growth is better, and easy is the enemy of growth.

    It’s harder to understand things, than to judge it. It’s harder to be a good person, than to simply look the part. It’s harder to love with actions, than with just mere words. A better life is harder, and it isn’t always designed to impress other people. 

    I come from a heritage of Sikhi, and I find it fascinating that a heritage built upon a foundation of learning, has somehow morphed into stressing more importance on having a certain appearance. The wrap on my head or length of my beard will never accurately reflect the virtues I carry as a human being, but we’re visual animals, and it does a lot to create an impression for others. 

    Unfortunately for others, we can’t live for them, and they can’t live for us; no one can live our lives besides ourselves. 

    Let’s focus on the lives we want, regardless of how it looks to others. If they really matter in our lives, they’ll love us regardless, and if they don’t, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate those relationships. 

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