1. Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you won’t do anything with it. -M. Scott Peck


  2. There’s limited room in your life, what are you going to allow to take up space?

    Happiness is simply realizing things we appreciate, but if we’re too busy occupying space with things to worry about, then there won’t be much room to be happy. 

    Don’t tell me what’s important, don’t tell me what’s realistic, all of that is arbitrary in the grand scheme of things. What’s that grand scheme you ask? It’s that continual promise we try to ignore, the promise that this life will come to an end. 

    For me, that means the few moments I have of existence should not be wasted worrying. Am I immune of worry, not at all, anyone who says they are, is probably lying, or selling something. What I am though, is mindful that the limited space in my life needs to be filled with things that make me smile. Since my life mainly exists in my head, the only way I can fill it up is to choose the things I focus on. 

    If that means cutting off toxic relationships, friends or family, then so be it. If that means being honest with myself, and no longer making excuses for the life I have, so be it. If it means shortening this journey, by taking all the risks in the world, then that’s how I’ll choose to live. 

    The only person that can make you excited to get out of bed in the morning is …… wait for it…….YOU. 

    Create the life you want, delete the things you don’t enjoy, or accept what you have.

    Sounds easy, but very difficult to do, on the bright side, you have your entire life to keep trying, however long/short that is =)

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  4. If everyone played with their cards facing up, we’d quickly realize that we’re all holding the same hand… 


  5. how y’feel.. how y’feel.. how y’feel


  6. colour outside the lines, but no body wants to try


  7. Relationships can be a deathtrap for dependencies.

    I’m not talking solely about romantic relationships, I’m talking the whole shebang: professional, friends, creative, family etc.

    I’m not anti-relationship, I’m just pro-watch-out-for-developing-dependencies-in-your-relationship. When we put the key to our happiness in the pocket of others, we’re now at their mercy. Not all folks are looking to exploit the power they’ve been granted, but sh*t still tends to happen.

    The most important relationship you have is with yourself, simple. Putting the responsibility of your smiles on anyone else will often lead to the opposite, and you have no one else to blame but yourself. This anti-victim mentality isn’t popular, because people don’t enjoy the onus, but it’s probably the only way to ensure a longstanding healthy ability to have meaningful relationships.

    We’ve cheapened the word love to the point that it’s common for someone to say they love you, and then no longer mean it short time later; What is ever really love? Does a mother fall out of love with her child? If the dynamics of any relationship changes, what usually causes it?

    One of those answers is expectations. The love we seek is generally riddled in conditions, but the fairy tales make us feel that it’s unconditional. Respecting the fact that relationships are based on conditions may not be the most romantic, but it is the most realistic.

    I encourage y’all to be independent, not because I want you to be, but because you already are. We’re born alone & die alone, and again, though that lacks the romance, ensuring you put your relationship with yourself first, will dramatically enhance your ability to have relationships with others.

    Dependencies aren’t healthy, whether it be to a substance, idea, or another human being. In this sense, having/wanting less results in having more. I’m not an idealist, in our daily lives we have to depend on people for things to get done, but if we acknowledge the dependencies early, it cushions the blow dramatically if expectations aren’t met. It can also serve to motivate us to be in a position to further reduce the dependencies we can survive without.

    I’m not advocating a life of complete isolation & simplicity. I’ve always had a life rich with people & complexity, but at the same time, I do find peace in simplifying & cleaning the clutter.

    I also know if you’re not happy with yourself, nothing can fill that void to compensate.

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  11. Embrace your challenges. 

    When you were a baby, learning to walk, you fell repeatedly. Learning to read didn’t happen overnight, neither did any other skill you have today that feels like second nature. The challenges we face are the opportunities to grow into better people. 

    When you get a flat tire, you don’t slash the other 3, so when you hit a challenge in life, you don’t fall down and give up, you push back. We’re animals, and we have the ability to conquer many of the challenges that come our way. 

    Much of the game is mental. Though overcoming many challenges isn’t the easiest thing, no one promise you life was going to be easy, and if you want to move forward in it, you need have the mindset to welcome challenges and tackle them as they come. 

    Changes & interruptions to our normally scheduled programming are inevitable. Just because change is uncomfortable doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. The best thing is to learn to work with change instead of resisting it, since resistance is really futile. 

    The best version of you is peeled away and developed. You don’t come your best straight out the box. The challenges in life are needed to bring to your potential. 

    When things get difficult, remind yourself to see the opportunities, and not just the challenges. 

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