1. Contest ended in July, but in true desi fashion, only get the prizes ready in October

    Signed #LEH shirts for some those who supported the track and made it the success it became…

    We’re almost at 6 Million on youtube.. You can watch at :)

    Again, thank you all for the love & support, on behalf of myself and @iisuperwomanii (who’s very ill and probably in hibernation)


  2. Wish less, do more. 

    Though words can have an impact, actions have the real power. That applies to how we deal with ourselves and others. Reading ‘inspirational’ paragraphs all day won’t compare to actually rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. 

    Planning is an important part of the process because it saves time. Brian Tracy says “Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!” Planning also allows for big and overwhelming tasks to get broken into manageable baby steps, and that reduces anxiety. 

    Planning is only valuable if it’s followed by actions. Just like words, ideas, and other intangibles, there’s little value unless we execute. 

    There is no substitute for hard work. We can wait and wish for our lottery numbers to hit, or for our personal problems to solve themselves; or we can make it happen on own. 

    What’s a step you can take right now to make things better?

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  3. @iisuperwomanii just Duff’d me :D

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  5. "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." - Edwin Land

    It’s essential that we create, whether that’s as individuals or a collective. I remember watching something on television talking about the stresses that can come to people that don’t have a creative outlet. 

    Creativity isn’t exclusive to music, writing, dancing etc. Everyday people are creating and raising children. The acts of bringing something to life, and watching it evolve is a gift that we have as a species, and we have so many options to do so. 

    I wrote a book, and it blows my mind that the book may be read by folks long after I’m gone. I have creative projects on the internet that will also outlive me. I’ve always seen my creative projects as my children, they’re definitely not as fun to create, but they do grow and take a life of their own. 

    We all have a creative bone in us, and we’ll enjoy it most when we’re creating simply for the sake of creating, and not for the approval of an audience or any other type of validation. There’s no failure in creativity when the journey is all the matters. 

    What do you want to create?

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  6. Kam Singh of @1914Sikhs being Saluted by a regiment of Singhs in Marseille, in the south of France.100 years ago, members Sikh Community landed there as part of the battles on the Western Front in WW1. 

    Though war is often simplified by whatever side is telling the story. WW1 is significant for many reasons, and there’s an irony to having Singhs help liberate a country like France, who 100 years later now have “interesting” laws to promote their secularity, including not allowing any conspicuous religious symbols in schools (that includes hijabs & turbans). 

    Politricks aside, it’s nice to see the shirt has made it way across the ocean, and efforts are being made to highlight our rich heritage and contributions to world history.  

    you can get one at =)


  7. Complaining about things never makes things better. 
    Changing things makes things better

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  8. 2.DIE.4

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  9. My Cali connect & #BalbirTheBarber co-star @bizkulfi holding it down for #bluejays & #loonies

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  10. The Latest Music Video: Polished Bullsh*t

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  11. Sometimes when we’re short-sighted, we’re blinded to the big picture. 

    Both successes and failures are not permanent, and we have to remind ourselves to look at both the short and long term effects of the things that are happening to us; but often we won’t know what they are, and that’s ok. 

    It’s frustrating to feel out of control, but the vast majority of the things we encounter in life are out of our control, so get used to it. The best thing to do is to focus on what we can control and spend our time improving that. 

    Complaining rarely helps, if ever. 

    Decide the type of day you want, and find out what parts of today you have the power to improve, and don’t stress about the rest. 

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  12. In depth discussions with @inkquisitive as to why people commonly mix the two of us up.

    If the ladies want to think I’m him, I’m not complaining ;)


  13. The internet could have an international head wrap day where everyone gets pugh’d up.

    Wrap yourself with something or someone beautiful




  14. This is how uniicorns party..

    My positive thought was:

    "You cannot tailor-make the situations in life, but you can tailer-make attitudes to fit those situations"

    c/o @iisuperwomanii


  15. Finally got my cupcake from @inkquisitive still missing the #gupshup session