1. Sometimes, the only reason the past seems so heavy is because we refuse to let go.

    Is letting go an easy thing? Of course not, the things worth doing in life are rarely easy. It’s better to understand that the past will keep creeping up on us, and jump on our backs. The choice we have to make is whether we’re going to hold on and let it enjoy the ride.

    I was at a wedding this past weekend with my family and friends, and while on the dance floor I caught my mind wandering. I was either reliving my past, or thinking about the future, meanwhile I wasn’t taking the time to enjoy the moment I was in. I told myself “you’re at a party with people you enjoy, soak in this moment while it’s here”, and intensified my wonderful dance moves.

    Though many of you aren’t amazing dancers like me :P the point remains, that we have to actively bring ourselves back to where we are. Once we do it, it doesn’t mean we won’t drift again, because we will; being present requires continued effort. People don’t enjoy effort, and that’s why their past is getting a free piggy-back ride.

    The past isn’t let go once, and gone forever. It’ll continue to re-attach, so we have to continue to focus on our present to loosen it’s grip. It’s a struggle, but struggle is what makes us stronger.

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  4. You can’t save’em all.

    What you’ll notice is, the ones the make the most forward progress in life are the ones that are the most open to change. Many folks tell you their problems simply to ‘vent’ & don’t really care for any constructive solutions, as those constructive solutions may require them to leave their beloved comfort zones.

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    We’re only equipped with so much time & energy, and it can get expensive if we spend that frivolously on folks who have no intention outside of sucking us dry. People love attention, and sometimes the only way they think they can get it is through tugging on the strings of our hearts.

    In no way am I advocating we all become self-indulged islands of apathy (though it wouldn’t hurt to admit that there’s elements of that in us). I’m simply saying to recognize when a person may be simply exploiting your kindness for purposes outside bettering themselves.

    We ALL have our own struggles, personally I don’t want to weigh down the people I love with my problems. I ask for assistance, but also try to bring value to the people around me. Personally I prefer to pick peoples brains over meal, and learn that way. I’ve also noticed that when many folks look for advice, they’ve already made up their mind, and are merely looking for some affirmation & validation for that decision.

    Trust your gut, there isn’t anyone else out there more qualified to deal with you than yourself. When folks come to you for help, be mindful of their intention, they may not be evident at first, but they will be very soon. Some folks will appreciate you teaching them to fish, while others will continue coming back for another hand out.

    Empathy can be exploited, and in turn that can turn us off to helping others in the future, which would be a shame. Put folks in a position to help themselves, everyone wins in that situation, and that support can be paid forward.

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    [This is a chapter from my book #UnLearn, you can read more at]

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    Kanwer Singh  
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  8. “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey


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  10. Are you in it to give or receive?

    They (I dunno who they are) say relationships need to be ‘give & take’. The relationships we kick ourselves over are the ones we felt we gave so much, and received so little.

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    When folks evaluate their relationships, they talk about what they’re ‘looking for’, almost as if their posting up a job ad or something. They list requirements & priorities, hoping to find a match. The mindset is focused on ‘what I want’ more so than ‘what I have to give’.

    This mindset can lead to the ‘giving’ being conditional upon the ‘receiving’. That leads to those unhealthy relationships where everyone feels under appreciated.

    I think the culture of consumerism & entitlement that we’ve been exposed to has definitely encouraged a ‘get yours’ mentality that is weakening the foundation of the relationships we have with folks. It appears more difficult for folks to function as a unit because of it, because once a members needs aren’t being met, they skate away.

    Instead of listing the things you’re looking for, list the things you want to give, and not on the condition of getting anything in return. Give for the sake of giving, there’s no competition/obstacles when you want to share, only when you want to take for yourself.

    There are individuals that were once in my life that are no longer around, but I know they’re in better situations now. Those better situations don’t have beards like me, but those situations fit the priorities they have much better than a guy like me ever could. I genuinely care about them, and I’m happy that they’ve been able to move to a situation that’s better suited for them.

    There’s an abundance of people in my life I can give to & care little about receiving anything in return, we all have them. I not only get to determine who these people are, I get to determine what I’m willing to share & invest into them. It’s OK to say no, and contrary to what people tell you, it’s completely fine, if not recommended, to put yourself first.

    Love don’t hurt people, people hurt people.

    Ask yourself why you’re entering into the relationships you’re in. If you’ve placed expectations on the other person, you’ve also set a situation where disappointments can run rampant. People are human, they will make mistakes & have changes of heart, that’s a promise. It’s not fair to put that pressure on them, and you definitely don’t want that pressure on yourself.

    If you want to put your energy and efforts into something & expect something in return, focus on projects & problems that need solving. Those outcomes will depend solely on the energy you give them.

    All the things you’re looking to receive from someone else you can give to yourself, especially love; you’ll have so much, you’ll have no choice but to find people to share it with.

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  13. When we lose someone special in our lives, it feels like they take a piece of us with them.

    We can feel like a shell of our former selves, mainly because the life we spent time building with that person, no longer exists.

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    Some folks consider this a feeling of emptiness, I consider it a cleaning of our canvas. Emotionally it may feel like we’re losing, but really we’re just being jolted out of a familiar zone we have.

    Though it feels like we miss the person, often what we really miss, is how that person made us feel about ourselves. If a relationship made us feel like we were worthy, we may lose that feeling of worth once that relationship is over.

    I know the feeling sucks, but it isn’t wise to avoid those unpleasant emotions, as they generally are what usher us into growth.

    I’m not here to write words to make it feel better, I wouldn’t dare deny you the growing pains. Rather, I just want you to realize that once the emotions have exhausted themselves, and there’s some room for logic, these are some of the thoughts to ponder.

    The most important relationship we need to foster, is the one with ourselves, and every time someone else has the power to disrupt that, we should pay attention to why. No one else gets to determine your value, your worth, your mood, or your happiness, but YOU. Be mindful of who you allow in.

    The stronger our relationship with ourselves, the less dependent we become on others, the healthier those relationships actually become.

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    [This is a chapter from my book #UnLearn, you can read more at]

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    Kanwer Singh
    Humble The Poet


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