1. Do yourself a favour, and let that sh*t go..

    Letting go isn’t an easy process, but it becomes impossible if we don’t even try. The way we feel about today is directly related the thoughts we allow to roam around in our head. If those thoughts are from yesterdays painful memories, then today is going to feel just as bad. We deserve better than to allow ourselves to be haunted by our past, let’s focus on things worth smiling about. 

    Let’s think about our progress, not our failures. Let’s focus on the lessons that came with the mistakes. Let’s find reasons to be grateful right now. If we decide to remain miserable, than misery will slowly become our comfort zone. Once that happens, that downward spiral will be quite difficult to recover from. 

    There’s people, places, and items in our lives that represent our past, that do much to keep our minds on yesterday. We may have to let them go (yes, even the people) if we really care about moving forward. We can fill our lives with new projects, peoples and habits to keep our mind looking forward, instead of being stuck in reverse. 

    This life is yours, and how you feel about it is ultimately up to you. What you do to improve those feelings will be the difference between an excited smile, and a artificial “I’m fine”.

    How do you want to feel?

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  2. Any enemy I ever had was once a friend..

    but now they all my teachers.. we creatures of sorry ends.. 

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  3. The Best Relationship Advice I’ve Ever Heard:


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  5. Regrets hold us back. 

    Regrets are heavy, and they weigh us down, they haunt us and keep us from moving forward in life. Who doesn’t have regrets, it’s normal to have them. But just because something is normal, it doesn’t mean it’s good for us. 

    Regrets can be addressed when we look for the blessings & lessons in our mistakes, and trust me they’re there. We have this natural inclination to want everything to be perfect, like it ever was (or maybe we’re just watching way to many movies). The reality is we only grow from our mistakes, and if we didn’t make any, our own stories would be very boring to say the least. 

    It’s not enough to simply say “let go of your regrets”, many of you would have done that a long time ago if you could. But it’s fair to say that we have to invest some energy to gain wisdom from our past follies, and appreciate the fact that we’re not a bit wiser with experience. 

    Also simply realizing that time we spend dwelling on our past is time we’ve lost on our present, that can be motivating enough to kick us back to what’s really important.. NOW. 

    Work to let go and learn from your past, and allow that to help improve and shape your future. 

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  6. Happiness is an inside job. 

    Part of the problem living life is thinking that living life is a problem. There’s no answers to life, because life isn’t a question; nor is it a puzzle that needs to be solved. We spend time looking at the world around us, that we’re naturally inclined to let that influence our priorities. Maybe we chase money, because everyone who has money SEEMS to be happy. Maybe it’s a relationships, cause everyone in a relationship SEEM happy. Or maybe it’s respect, love, beauty. 

    We might be forgetting that although the things on the outside that make us feel good, the only reason we feel good is because those things connect with something about us within. 

    The longer we spend on this planet, the more refined our priorities become. We realize that the itch we have is different than the people around us, and focus on scratching our the best we can for us. 

    Figuring out what makes us happy requires us to look inside. Trying to create that happiness is also an inward journey. 

    look inside you, then get that journey crack’n 

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  7. photo c/o @bangastudios

    for the newest issue of @sawpages

    Styled by @thesandylion 

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  8. Thank you for making all the effort we put into this #LEH project a success. This project happened by accident, and neither of us were ready for the amazing support you all provided us. As an independent artist, this means the world to me, and I know I speak for @iisuperwomanii when I say we are forever grateful for everyone who’s watched the video, shared the video, danced to it, learned the lyrics, made funny memes out of screen shots, etc. 

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  9. 96 years ago today.. one of the most beautiful human beings this planet has ever felt, blessed us with his presence. 

    I heavily encourage you to read the story of Mr. #Mandela or even just his quotes, or just look at pictures of his face.. he is such a wonderful energy and story, and I feel everyone would benefit from learning more about him. 




  10. You can’t make everyone happy.

    Don’t try, don’t even think about it, it’s pointless. There will always be someone out there that doesn’t dig your sh*t.

    It gets tricky when that ‘someone’ is a person that matters in your life; a friend, family member, or person who has the power to affect the direction you’re heading. You can’t simply say ‘f*ck off’ to these people, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up them if they’re shooting negativity your way.

    When folks say things, they reveal much about themselves in it, it’s up to us to pay attention. This is particularly relevant to folks who projecting negativity. They’re really projecting themselves onto you. There’s a large sum of people who give me reasons as why I shouldn’t be pursuing the life I am, and what I do is pay close attention, because they’re painting me a vivid picture as to what’s happening in their minds.

    Fears, insecurities, worries can all be projected. Folks that don’t want you to be successful, may not have anything personal against you, but rather don’t want to realize they may have given up to early.

    Judgmental folks are revealing themselves in their judgements, pay attention, you’re learn a lot about their character & what they’re really about.

    These observations will help you with your future relationships. You’ll be quicker to recognize the Negative Nancys & Positive Petes. You’ll also be able to recognize these qualities in yourself as well. Sometimes we’re Debby Downers to other people. How often do we take the time to reflect if we’re being a good person to others?

    The only person you need to make happy is YOU. It’s simplistic, and you need to recognize there are causes & effects to disregarding other people, but those are unavoidable.

    Instead of trying to make others happy, make yourself happy & share that happiness with others

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  11. Gooning backstage after a wonderful performance by ms. @sonnarele on the #toronto stop of her tour at #echobeach.. Kicking it with @chasinglife & @anoshinie

    @thesandylion was there too, but we couldn’t find a phone book for her to stand on =p


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  13. People can be like junk food, the most addictive can also end up being the most toxic.

    We can sometimes feel obliged to keep certain people in our lives for many reasons; maybe they’re blood, or we have history, or we USED to have a great relationship. We have to be careful to ensure that we’re not ruining our present having people around us simply because of the past.

    Our interactions with others on a daily basis have a direct effect on how we feel, so let’s be picky. If someone isn’t right for you, love yourself enough to move on from them; you deserve better.

    The company we keep influences the person we become. If you’re around negative, closed minded judgmental people, how will that help you build a better life?

    Sometimes it doesn’t even mean pushing the negative people away, but rather just holding the positive people even closer. Life is too short to be spending it with the wrong crowd.

    I’ll say it again, you deserve better.

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    Inkq was not only featured as eye candy in the video, he was one of that hardest working production assistants on the set that day, doing everything from playback, running errands, and keeping us smiling and sane. 

    Another important point about @Inkquisitive artwork is that you have to notice the tiny details to get the big picture. Check out his FB for the High resolution version of this image so you can pick up on all the small quirks he added to make sure such an epic piece. 

    Thank you for this brother, I can’t look at @iisuperwomanii the same now without seeing duck lips HAHAHA ;)

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  15. photo c/o @bangastudios

    For the upcoming issue of @sawpages

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